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There is no more fleeting time than the first two years of life. Every stage and small discovery is a new world of wonder. From first smiles, to grabbing toes, sitting up and first words, every second with a baby is a miracle. With baby photography sessions at Mod L Photography, we will grab each tiny moment and preserve it for you. Our memories fade and as they do the images we create together will become the most precious memoir we possess.

Dallas Rainbow Baby Photography

When we view the world through a baby’s eyes we experience newfound wonder all around us. Everything is an adventure, a delightful surprise. As new parents we cannot imagine forgetting any detail. But our little ones need to remember too, and see themselves as they were when they were even smaller than they are now.

Dallas baby portraits

Before we can even blink that first year is over. Our sweet baby is running ahead of us, calling our name and laughing at silly things. When you document the first year with a Mini Mod Baby Photography Plan you get to look back at that sweet first year in the life of your child and remember. Always remember how they were at the start.

Dallas one year old portraits



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