Dallas newborn photographer shares wall art mockup in modern living room

Dallas Newborn Photographer

Your precious bundle is precious to us too! All newborn sessions are baby-led. What does that mean? It means that baby is in charge of what we do. We pick out the beautiful colors, textures, props, and themes that we will use for your session during your design consultation. And then we work with your baby to make sure we create works of art all while following your little one’s cues. We can’t wait to meet your little one!

What's included?

Design consultation pen and clipboard for photography

Design Consultation

hanger logo for wardrobe consultation for photography session

Wardrobe Styling

Hair and makeup logo for photography session consultation description

Professional Hair & Makeup for Mom

Custom Staging & Props

Expert Posing Direction

View & Order Appointment

Master Fine Art Retouching

Custom Artwork Design

Delivery & Optional Install

Newborn Photography

decorate your home with love

Fine art archival pieces - A legacy to treasure

newborn Session FAQ

Answers to the most frequently asked questions when it comes to newborn pictures.

We will help you choose the best options for your session during your consult. Moms can always choose from our designer studio wardrobe. If bringing from home we recommend neutral tones with minimal patterns.

The sweet spot for a newborn session is between 7-14 days old. We can always wait a bit longer but it becomes more difficult to pose babies and keep them asleep the older they get. If your little one is a boy and you plan to circumcise please plan at least 5 days of recovery time.

Parents are always encouraged to participate along with any siblings. Grandparents have also been known to photobomb as well!

If big brother or sister is reluctant we have so many tricks to get them into the picture. Bribery and photoshop work wonders in many cases. Don’t worry, we will work with you to capture this memory!

One of our favorite things to do is to incorporate memorable items and cultural artifacts into our sessions. Occasionally we are presented with props or clothing items that might be difficult to work with. Generally, this is due to the size of the item in relation to your newborn. We will do our best to incorporate all of your chosen elements in order to ensure your vision is honored throughout the creative process.

Don’t worry! We are experts at posing you to perfection. From the top of your head to the tips of your toes you will feel confident in how you are posing during your maternity portraits. We also have a few tricks up our sleeves when it comes to master fine art retouching.

We love the puppies! You know how well your dog listens and if bringing them to the park or studio will work for your pup. We can remove collars and leashes in photoshop, and we often use photoshop to assist with posing dogs alongside their humans.

Newborn sessions take place in our studio as we have all the necessary and available equipment at our fingertips. We can bring the studio to you for an additional fee. There is no additional charge for lifestyle unposed in-home sessions.

Milestone baby sessions


Tummy Time

Around 2 months of age

Sitter Session

4-7 months


6-9 months

1st Birthday

11-13 months birthday session

18 months

Walking and family session


Breastfeeding session

Milestone baby Session FAQ

Answers to the most frequently asked questions when it comes to milestone baby pictures.

There are some key milestones to capture during the baby’s first 18 months. We can schedule a six-month sitter session, or Nine months crawling milestone. Of course, there is the 12-month birthday session and cake smash. But don’t forget 18 months when the baby is really coming into its own!

We provide many of the outfits for milestone sessions. Occasionally parents bring their own. We will help you to decide on the best look for each session.

Bring the entire immediate family. We will work to capture pictures of everyone!

We have many options for milestone sessions. The easiest is the studio because we can do it at any time and in any weather condition. Many families choose outdoor and at-home locations as well.

The good news is this rarely happens! We have loads of experience working with kids. We also make a plan for success including scheduling at times of the day when your child is typically the happiest. We will always work with you to ensure the best result.

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