Richardson photographer

Richardson Photographer

Dallas mommy and me photo shoot
As a Richardson family photographer I have had many opportunities to photograph my clients in the beautiful wildflower fields. Each spring the city of Richardson plants wildflowers as part of a Save the Bees campaign. During this magical time I love to schedule family photography sessions, baby photography sessions, and child photography sessions. I love this mommy and me photography session I shot at a local Richardson park.

In another session I had the opportunity to work with kids in a fairy tale setting. I brought in a magical princess carriage and set it between the trees. The girls wore beautiful dresses. I love being a children’s photographer in Richardson because there are so many great settings to work in.

Richardson texas wildflower field the perfect place for a fairy tale photography session

Here is another of the girls in a beautiful floral swing, also available for portraits.

Richardson texas local park with magical cinderella carriage prop

Newborn baby boy photographed with rich tones, classic blue, black and white, in Dallas, TX
One of my favorite things is newborn photography. Many times I will go to families in their homes. As a Richardson newborn photographer I have had the pleasure of bringing my studio set up to homes in Richardson so that new families can experience a professional shoot from the comfort of their own living room.

Whether I’m working with newborns, babies, children, or families I love Richardson as a location. There are so many great places to choose and it is so central to where many of my clients are located.

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