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What is the portrait experience?

Imagine a portrait session that is all about you and the family that you love. Where care and attention to detail are the highest priority. Before you book your session you are invited to visit the studio. We discuss how you want to tell your story. Where will you display and enjoy these beautiful portraits? Every home tells a story – what do you want your walls to say? Together we make a plan for your session based on the type of artwork that suits your needs best.

During our consultation, you are invited to select from the extensive studio wardrobe and the custom prop inventory. Laura will walk you through the entire process down to assistance with wardrobe styling and a focus on incorporating the artwork from your session with the decor of your home.[/tab]
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A stress-free, fun experience

Laura uses a casual, easy style to evoke a natural connection with you and your family. She works to build a rapport with you so that your portraits convey your personality. As the mother of four kiddos Laura can assure you that even your wildest ones will be engaged in the process. Your questions are answered every step of the way, down to assistance with wardrobe and hair and makeup. Everything is customized, personalized to you and your loved ones.

What kind of session are you dreaming of?
Milk Bath
The sky is the limit
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But how will we decide?

The Premiere Ordering Appointment is an event. This is where you come back into the studio with your loved ones and view your portraits and make decisions about which you’d like to take home. Don’t worry, Laura will walk you through every step of the way.

At the ordering appointment, your portraits are presented in a slideshow set to music. We use specialized software to arrange the portraits on images of your very own walls to take the guesswork out of designing your artwork. We can even change the layout and pick out frames. You won’t have to wonder if a piece belongs in that spot because you will see it there before it is ever produced. If an album is more your speed we will take this opportunity to design the perfect layout to ensure your satisfaction. Once the decisions are made and your order is placed, all that remains is to sit back and wait for the big day when your artwork is revealed and you get to take it home.[/tab]

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I can’t wait to do it all again!

Your final products are tangible, gifts you can hold in your hands and pass down to the next generation. Something your children can enjoy with their own families one day. Once you have your beautiful artwork in hand, then it’s time to enjoy it. Whether you have an heirloom album to sit and flip through, or a gorgeous gallery gracing your wall please sit and treasure these memories you have made. The next step is to look forward into the future and develop a plan for building onto that wall gallery or adding to your album collection. At Mod L Photography we plan for the future and the preservation of memories to come. [/tab]