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12 things to do before baby arrives

What are some things I should do before baby arrives?

My clients ask me this question all the time. I guess it’s because I have four kids of my own. Or maybe it’s because I am a newborn photographer here in Dallas. Either way, I’ve heard so many suggestions over the years and tried a few things out myself while waiting for baby. It is such a joyous time waiting for your little one to arrive. And everyone is full of advice for you, both positive and negative. Well since this question of what to do before baby comes up more often than not, I decided to make a little list to refer to.

1. Go on a date with your spouse / significant other

No matter what you think might happen, you are likely to not get a chance to go out alone together for quite a while. And you likely won’t want to! But it’s so important to spend time together. Don’t forget each other in the whirlwind of nesting and getting your house ready. I still remember that 12 years ago on the weekend before our son and first child was born my husband and I went to see a movie and had dinner together. Not that exciting, right? Wrong. We still remember the movie we saw and talk about it fondly from time to time. And we have always been grateful that we took the time to acknowledge our relationship before starting this exciting journey as parents together.

gorgeous couple expecting baby posed at Prairie Creek Park in Richardson texas by the waterfall

2. Get your hair done and a mani pedi

This is pretty self-explanatory and I don’t mean to go negative but… You won’t have as much time for self-care after the baby arrives. It will be some time before you have the opportunity to go out. That’s why taking care of yourself is one of the most important things to do before baby arrives. Getting a mani pedi hand in hand with getting your hair done. See what I did there? 😉 You will feel so good with your hands and feet taken care of. Special bonus? They say that foot massages can induce labor so if you’re really wanting that baby to arrive it could be a great 39 or 40 week treat.

3. Get an acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture can assist in digestion and easing discomfort during pregnancy. It also can reduce stress and anxiety. Sounds like a great thing to do when you’re expecting, right?

My friend Emily Guevara of The Acupuncture Juncture here in Dallas, is an amazing acupuncturist. She is well known around Dallas as providing excellent care. You can read more about her here: Fertility Acupuncture in Dallas.

Best fertility acupuncture clinic acupuncturist in Dallas featured in article about how fertility can be enhanced with acupuncture

4. Fill your freezer

I hated nothing more than cooking after my babies arrived. And life is a bit more hectic than you would suppose. Having access to good healthy food at all times is a big plus. Cooking in advance and stockpiling a freezer stash of foods was a big sanity saver for me.

5. Hang out with friends

Make sure you and your spouse both take time to spend with friends. This is important for both of you. It falls in the column of self-care to make sure you have time to connect with your friends without the worry of leaving baby at home.

6. Get Adjusted

You read that right. You might want to consider chiropractic care during your pregnancy. It can help address issues that cause discomfort and it could prove to assist you in having an easier labor. My friend Erin Calaway over at Apex Wellness is a Webster Certified chiropractor. She provides amazing care to all of her patients. Read more about her here – Chiropractic Care in Pregnancy.

Dr. Erin Calaway featured pregnancy, newborn, and family chiropractor in Far North Dallas, Plano, Richardson, Addison area.

7. Sleep

Pretty self-explanatory as well. It is difficult to sleep in the last trimester. I had horrible insomnia and reflux with all of my pregnancies. That made it really hard to sleep especially near the end. But I tried my best to get in extra sleep where I could because I knew how much I would miss it once the baby came. Like all seasons in life the sleep deprivation eventually passes. But it is one of the less fun things about having a sweet baby around. If you have troubles sleeping after baby arrives call my friend Mary Cantwell of Rest To Your Nest. She is featured on my blog here – her service is amazing and will help you get some z’s.

Mom and baby posed in newborn photography session in with dallas newborn photographer mod l photography on light blue background laying and appearing to sleep

8. Babymoon

Having a babymoon goes right along with taking time for a date night. But it goes one step further. Why not take a short vacation with your spouse. Could be you won’t go away alone together for a long time. Even a romantic weekend at a bed and breakfast would be a nice idea.

9. Read a good book

I don’t know about you but I love to read! However, this passion has taken a significant back seat to my kids. I definitely remember the last few books I read before my kiddos arrived. It’s hard to feed baby and read a book in the other. Although, you might try Audible as a great alternative to reading an actual book after baby arrives.

10. Go out to the movies

I love going out to the movies. So I definitely recommend doing this ahead of baby’s arrival. You won’t have as many opportunities to go to a movie theater afterward.

11. Have a phenomenal maternity photography session

What kind of maternity and newborn photographer would I be if I didn’t recommend scheduling a custom maternity photography session? When you schedule a portrait session with a photographer like me it is an incredible experience. You get hair and makeup, you get to select gowns from my studio wardrobe to wear, and you also get to help design your custom portrait session. Afterward, you get to keep your portraits in the form of beautiful keepsake artwork. You get to feel like a queen for the day and you will never forget the experience because you get to enjoy your artwork forever.

pregnant mother posed on brown background wearing rust colored chicaboo dress in dallas maternity photography studio

12. Schedule newborn pictures

While scheduling maternity portraits it’s a great time to schedule newborn portraits as well. Newborn photography is best done when baby is 7-14 days old – for a variety of reasons. This is why it’s important to schedule it ahead of time. What’s more, if you’re working with me you get to choose from packages that take you from maternity through newborn and tell the whole story of baby’s arrival.

Dallas newborn photographer poses baby girl in cream colored bucket with chin on hands surrounded by flowers and lace scarf for texture

Thank you for reading!

Thank you for reading about what to do before baby arrives. I hope you’ll comment below and tell me what you did or suggest to do before baby arrives!

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  1. Great tips. It is such a stressful time when you have a baby. It’s wonderful to have a list like this to follow.

  2. Hi Laura,
    Thanks for writing this.. I truly love the way you write plus everything about your blog.. very clean 🙂 <3 You definitely must be a nice person in heart .. Can say that by reading your blog. Happy blogging.

  3. It is always nice to prepared. After all when the baby comes, some might find it hard to even visit their nearest salon for mani-pedi.

  4. Great ideas. Many of these things are also really great for people who are in serious, long-term relationships, but don’t have children. Congratulations on being a mother of 4! I hope to be a mother some day soon.

  5. These are helpful tips. I remember some of my friends telling me ,they have to fill up the freezer with all the food and the ones that can be useful for post pregnancy too.

  6. These are great tips for expecting moms. I can’t wait until I’ll actually need them. My baby fever is so bad.

  7. I think number one is my very favorite! Putting your marriage first is so important. Sometimes it’s so easy to put it on the back burner!

  8. Should have had these tips during my pregnancies, but I love them all I think all in all, love yourself and prepare to love your baby

  9. Thanks for these tips. WElcoming baby to the world needs lots of preparation and it is lifetime responsibility. This post sure helps all going-to-be-parents.

  10. Although I’m not pregnant, I know many people who are so ill pass this on.
    And number 4, filling your freezer, is a good thing to do whether you have kids or not. It means that you have healthy meals ready for when you just can’t be bothered to cook or don’t have time.

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