Dallas Maternity Chiropractor Dr. Erin Calaway of Apex Wellness

Laura Levitan of Mod L Photography is a pregnancy and newborn photographer in Dallas, TX. To better connect with her community and her clients, Laura meets with and features other businesses who serve her clientele. In this blogpost Laura interviews her friend, North Dallas Maternity Chiropractor Dr. Erin Calaway of Apex Wellness.


In this two part series I’d love to introduce my friend Dr. Erin Calaway. She is an amazing Webster Certified Chiropractor located in Far North Dallas, right near my studio. At the cross streets of Preston and Belt Line, Dr. Calaway’s practice – Apex Wellness – is near Addison, Carrollton, Richardson, and Plano. Apex Wellness also offers acupuncture and massage.

North Dallas Maternity Chiropractor


I recently met with Dr. Calaway to interview her for a blog post about chiropractic care in pregnancy. We arranged a time so that I could tour her amazing North Dallas chiropractic practice and get to know her better. As we spoke we discovered that we had actually met years before! That was before our kids were born and careers were started. No wonder we felt so instantly comfortable with each other!


Planning for beautiful wall art


It wasn’t long before we decided that it would be fun to decorate one of the beautiful walls at Apex Wellness with some of my wall art. A maternity chiropractor with beautiful maternity pictures and newborn photography on her walls? Why not?

Pregnancy, maternity, newborn, child and family chiropractor pictured in professional portrait Dr. Erin Calaway of Addison and Far North Dallas

After months of planning and collaboration, I sent the design to be printed through my archival printing process. Soon the artwork was delivered and then ready to hang at Apex Wellness. I have been honored to work with some of Dr. Calaway’s patients so we were able able to incorporate some of their portraits into the design.


How to hang a large wall art collage?


I take great pride in proper installation of wall art. Especially such a large design. The first step is to carefully plan the pieces so that they fit properly in the desired location. Secondly, I use rolls of paper to layout the design and mark places for where nails will be located. Thirdly, I hang the paper on the wall and use it as a guide. Lastly, I hang the portraits and remove the paper.

step by step process of laying out and hanging up pieces of wall art featuring pictures of pregnant moms and newborns for chiropractic office in North Dallas


I hope the patients and staff of Apex Wellness enjoy their new artwork. I know I am grateful for the opportunity to display my work.


Next week please join me to learn more about Dr. Erin Calaway and her extraordinary practice at Apex Wellness. Pregnancy Chiropractor in Dallas, TX – Dr. Erin Calaway. 

To visit Apex Wellness or to schedule an appointment for maternity, newborn, child, individual, or family chiropractic care please contact:

Apex Wellness

6009 Belt Line Rd #110, Dallas, TX, 75254, US


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13 Responses

  1. Wow, what a beautiful wall gallery! It is striking seeing it all laid out but then you see it on the wall and it is even more beautiful! What a great team you both make for collaborating! Congrats to you both!

    1. Thank you so much! I am really proud of this collection showcasing maternity, family and newborn photography. It’s also amazing to see the portraits printed and on the wall. I’m so honored to be there!

    1. This is one of the best parts of my business. I like to say it isn’t art until it’s on your walls or in your hands 🙂

  2. Wow, what a beautiful display Laura! It definitely will give clients ideas on various sizes and ways they can use their own portraits as art in their own homes. Love it! <3

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