Oilogic essential oil products for children

Essential Oils for Kids: Oilogic

Dallas family photographer, Laura Levitan interviews Jordan Morrow about her new line of essential oils products for children: Oilogic.


Why essential oils for children?


[Laura]: Okay. Tell me about Oilogic. Where did you guys come up with this idea?

[Jordan]:  I was at home with my two kids, and I found out I was pregnant with my third. There are a lot of medicines that I can’t take because I had high-risk pregnancies. My allergies were awful, so my friend talked to me about using essential oils.

[Jordan]: I bought an essential oils book then I bought a starter kit, but I was at a loss for what I was supposed to do: how was I supposed to mix this? Was it safe? Ultimately through trial and error, I found solutions that worked for me and several solutions that helped my entire family.  While I loved the end result, the experience was expensive, overwhelming and time-consuming.

One of my previous colleagues had a similar thought as me- she loved essential oil benefits but as a full time working mother of 2 busy boys, who had time to DIY?  We thought there’s got to be an easier way to use essential oils, and that’s where the idea of Oilogic was born.  We partnered with experts in the industry and developed Oilogic essential oil blends to help with common issues and dilute them appropriately with natural carrier oils, and put them in easy to use packaging, making them easily accessible for moms who don’t have time to figure all of that out. Making mom’s life easier became the mission of Oilogic.


Owner and founder of Oilogic essential oils products for children


[Laura]: That’s awesome. I’ve looked into essential oils and was immediately overwhelmed.


[Jordan]: It’s intimidating. We strive to make the process easier and more accessible to mothers.


What does Oilogic have to offer?

Oilogic essential oils products for children


[Laura]: So tell me a little bit about the product line.


[Jordan]: When we first started we would talk with the moms. We would ask them: What issues are you having? And overwhelmingly we kept getting the same things, like we need help with sleep, coughing, gas, allergies, etc. That’s really where we came up with our core products which are the Slumber and Sleep, Stuffy Nose and Cough, Soothing Baby, Gas & Upset Tummy, Bug Bites and Itches, Sneeze & Allergy, and Ouchies & Boo Boos Ointment.


[Jordan]: Since the need was so great for the sleep and the cough, we created more products around those issues to create a routine for moms. Stuffy Nose and Cough has a vapor bath which is a great option for a child who is congested or not feeling well and is too young for traditional medications. For a better night’s sleep, we have the vapor bath, calming cream and essential oil roll-on. Anytime your kids are having a hard time sleeping, a bath is a great way to start. It’s all about routine; giving your baby a bath and using the roll-on essential oils is going to make an easy sleep routine.


[Laura]: But what’s interesting about creating that routine is that when I would take parts of the routine elsewhere, those pieces of the routine would help the baby go to sleep.


[Jordan]: A bedtime routine isn’t just like a checklist of ten things you run through. That can be too difficult. But if certain things are consistent it helps to send signals to the child that it’s time to go to bed. Our Slumber & Sleep line, for instance, can be used throughout many stages of the going to bed routine. My kids use the roll-on every night. It’s part of their routine to calm down and go to sleep.


How has Oilogic been received and where is the company going?


[Laura]: So the response has been pretty great, but will you tell us what you’re doing right now?


[Jordan]: Our brand is offering another choice for mothers, when before their options were limited. We launched the brand at Buy Buy Baby and at Target. In 2017, we have gained distribution at Meijer, SuperValue, Bartell Drugs, Pharmaca, and HEB.  Early in 2018, Oilogic will also be available at Walgreens and CVS.

In addition to new retail distribution, we launched a wellness line of products for moms and dads and a NEW Kids Collection for ages 2-12.  These new products are a natural extension to our original baby collection.


How does Oilogic handle safety?


[Jordan]: Oilogic products are Pediatrician and Dermatologist tested. They’re free and clear of all sulfates, petroleum by-products, phthalates, parabens, gluten, DEA, dyes, synthetic perfumes and mineral oil.  Oilogic roll-ons, vapor bath, and creams are vegan and cruelty-free. We the MADESAFE seal of approval on all our essential oil roll-ons, which ensures our products have been screened for behavioral toxins, endocrine disruptors, GMOs, pesticides, and other toxins and harmful chemicals.  Our products also contain age ranges and come with infographics on where to use the product.  We also have instructional videos on our website.

Our essential oils are sourced from their indigenous countries and then go through numerous testing procedures to ensure the quality of each oil is 100% pure.  The next process is the dilution process where we combine the carrier oils such as castor oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc. with the essential oil blend for topical application.  It is important to dilute appropriately to ensure the potency of each product is effective, but also safe for application. Our brand is here to soothe, comfort and relax; we’re not here to treat or to cure any diseases. Oilogic is providing moms easy access to natural solutions.

Visit Oilogic online at: www.oilogiccare.com

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  1. I love that as a Dallas newborn photographer you also cover other topics of interest on your blog! I didn’t know anything about essential oils before reading this post

  2. How awesome it is for me to stumble across your Dallas Newborn Photographer site and find this about Essential Oils. It’s seriously the info I have been researching recently.

  3. How amazing that a newborn photographer covers topics like this for her Plano clients! This shows how much you care for those you capture!

  4. Not only are you an amazing Dallas newborn photographer, you’re also a wonderful person who has a wealth of helpful information for new mom and dads!

    1. Thank you, Nina. I love to provide my parents with newborns and young children lots of information to help them parent. It definitely makes my job even more fulfilling and meaningful.

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