Entrance to the Acupuncture Juncture where fertility and maternity acupuncture are provided. Dr. Emily Guevara pictured at the entrance to her practice.

Fertility Acupuncture in Dallas

Dallas newborn and maternity photographer Laura Levitan meets with businesses in Dallas and surrounding areas who serve pregnant clients and parents of young children. Her goal is to provide great resources to her clients and establish meaningful connections within the community.


[Laura  ]: How did you end up going into fertility acupuncture?

[Emily ]: During acupuncture school, I was introduced to Kirsten Karchmer who owns The Texas Center for Reproductive Acupuncture. She offered me an internship that I eagerly accepted, I had no idea how life-changing it would be. The lessons I learned from working for her are invaluable and I have helped shape the way I practice now. You can change a lot about a women’s health just by regulating the cycle, it has a profound influence on our entire body.

Dallas fertility acupuncture office Acupuncture Juncture


[Laura  ]: So what are some of the things that fertility acupuncture can impact?

[Emily]: I love to treat moms when they’re thinking about prepping for pregnancy.  Acupuncture shines at regulating hormonal imbalances, reducing painful periods, and improving digestion. We how they’re sleeping, how their body feels and how it moves, as well as any emotional stress that they may be carrying with them.

[Emily]: I think one of the biggest things acupuncture does is it gives people the option to slow down, even if it’s only for 30 minutes, this allows the body to switch out of the fight or flight response into a more meditative, calm state.

[Emily]: Relaxation is about blood circulation is about relaxation. Acupuncture is a strong tool to use to relax these systems and drive blood to certain areas of the body, specifically, the uterus and reproductive cavity. We also discuss self-care, femoral artery massage techniques, acupressure points,  and possible nutrient gaps. I want to empower them to help themselves as well.


[Laura  ]: What about male infertility issues?

[Emily]: The majority of my practice is women though I absolutely love when couples come in and treat together. For 2018 I will focus a little more on growing my practice to include the guys more often. I think it’s vitally important for them to also have an outlet to decompress.


[Laura  ]: What about treating postpartum depression and anxiety?

[Emily ]: I am seeing more and more PPD/PPA cases. I love to help support women during this time, to help them recover both physically and spiritually. We combine acupuncture with a technique called moxibustion to soothe the body. We will also touch on easy recipes that can further help support the body, milk production, and recovery by providing essential nutrients she needs. I believe it’s vitally important for women to have a support system throughout the whole process of preconception, pregnancy, postpartum and find that working with these women in conjunction with a post partum LCSW is most beneficial.

Entrance to the Acupuncture Juncture where fertility and maternity acupuncture are provided. Dr. Emily Guevara pictured at the entrance to her practice.


Thank you Emily for meeting with me and teaching me all about fertility acupuncture. If you are interested in getting in touch with Emily you can do so at her contact us page.


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  1. I’ve heard amazing things about the benefits of acupuncture, I had no idea it could help with those having difficulty getting pregnant. Your blog posts always blow my mind away with how kind and open you are with your knowledge and amazing skills as a Dallas newborn photographer!

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