How to Prepare for your Newborn Photography Session
Frequently Asked Questions

When should I schedule my newborn photography session?

Dallas newborn photographer poses baby boy in blue wrap and darker blue knit blanket in a rustic wooden bed on a blue toned wood floor during his baby photography session

Newborn photography sessions are typically scheduled when baby is between 1-3 weeks of age. Ideally we want to capture baby before they reach an alert stage in their development. So when you think about how to prepare for your newborn photography session timing is important!


Older babies may be fussier which can cause issues with posing. Then again, any baby can be fussy. When looking for a newborn photographer it is important to ask what their style is. At Mod L Photography we are baby-led. This means if your newborn isn’t interested in a pose or a wrap, we move on to something else.


Important considerations – if baby has ear molds we can work around that schedule and we can also use cute hats to disguise the molds. If baby will be circumcised it is important to allow for enough time to heal. Please bring any other concerns to your photographer’s attention prior to your session.


If possible please plan your newborn session before baby is born. This way all you have to do is text or call when baby arrives to get on the schedule.

What should I bring to my newborn photography session?

  • Extra everything!
  • Extra diapers and wipes
  • Extra outfits for mom and dad just in case
  • Extra outfits for siblings
  • Baby may possibly eat more than normal due to being moved around. Pack extra formula if bottle feeding just in case.
  • A pacifier comes in very handy even if you never use it again. While working with baby we are constantly moving them around. Using a pacifier is a great way to help them settle for this short period of time. If you aren’t using one we can work around it but it is recommended to use one at least for the session.
  • When selecting special outfits for your newborn we like to say “less is more.” The more times you change baby during the session the more disrupted and agreeable they will be. It’s best to stick with studio wraps and maybe pick one favorite outfit for baby.
  • What to pack is a big part of how to prepare for your newborn photography session.
Newborn baby boy tucked into bed with his sloth wrapped in a gray blanket with a light gray sleepy hat

How should I prepare ahead of time for my newborn photography session?

Sweet baby girl wrapped in pink on a pink blanket with a cute pink headband photographed by Dallas newborn photographer Mod L Photography owner Laura Levitan in Addison, TX
  • Pack your diaper bag and car the night before if possible.
  • Give baby a bath the morning of to keep them awake.
  • Feed baby right before you leave the house.
  • Dress baby in an easy to remove loose outfit. Zippered pajamas are the best!
  • Make a checklist of things and go over it before you leave the house.

What should I wear to my newborn photography session? What about my family?

  • Baby is covered for the newborn session. With our extensive selections of wraps and outfits you don’t need to bring anything for the newborn to wear. If you have a special outfit for them to wear please limit it to one.
  • With our extensive wardrobe we have lots of options for moms and big sisters.
  • If you bring a wardrobe with you we recommend solid, neutral colors. Coordinate but don’t match. Small patterned fabrics do not work well with digital photography.
Mom and baby pose for newborn photography session both dressed in pink for Dallas newborn photographer Mod L Photography based in Addison, Texas

Who should I include in my newborn photography session?

Dallas newborn poses with his best friend goldendoodle ranger baby is posed on western saddle with his dads boots nearby and dog next to him wearing cowboy hat in Dallas texas

Remember that this session is about you and your family. You should include immediate family members, maybe your parents, and definitely your four-legged babies! Imagine your family portrait above your fireplace or on the wall above your couch. Who do you want to see there? Include siblings, grandparents and your partner. You won’t regret it.

Important reminders for your newborn photography session!

  • Relax and have fun
  • Arrive a bit early
  • Plan for a bit of extra time to get to your session especially if you have little ones with you
  • Don’t be afraid to remind your photographer if they forgot something – they want to get all of your special portraits
newborn posed in bowl on neutral toned rustic floor with tiny toy animals surrounding him at Dallas newborn photography studio Mod L Photography

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