Plano Maternity Workout at The Barre Code Plano

Plano Maternity Workouts and More! The Barre Code Plano

Dallas newborn photographer Laura Levitan of Mod L Photography gets a sneak peak at a Plano maternity workout session at The Barre Code Plano. Laura interviews Julie Godfrey the owner of The Barre Code Plano to learn more about the services they provide.


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Tell me a bit about how you got started with The Barre Code?

Julie: I’ve been involved in some form of dance or fitness basically my whole life. I have a degree in Dance and a Masters in Exercise Science and Wellness. I spent several years in Corporate Wellness, and taught group fitness and Pilates as my “fun job.” Finally I took the leap to open my own studio where I could inspire women to live healthier lives on a daily basis.

Plano Maternity Workouts at the Barre Code Plano
Welcoming entrance at The Barre Code Plano


Scroll to the bottom to get your code for a FREE workout at The Barre Code Plano

What made you participate in The Barre Code? 

Julie: I actually discovered The Barre Code Dallas – Design District on a Groupon. After I took my first class, I was immediately hooked! It is like no barre studio I have ever been to. Once I learned more about The Barre Code’s mission to empower women in a community environment where they support one another, I knew I had to be part of the movement!

What can you help your clients with? 

Julie: So many of our clients tell me that they never liked working out. That they have never been able to stick with any type of regimen before they found The Barre Code Plano. We take pride in providing exceptional customer service. All of our clients are greeted by name and welcomed into our community. We strive to be the bright spot in their day and a place where they can work to be the best version of themselves. And we also offer specialty workouts for expectant moms as well so that they can maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

Laura: I love how you modify the maternity workout so that it is safe for pregnant moms. I wish I had had this resource during my pregnancies.

Plano maternity workout modified for pregnant mothers at The Barre Code Plano

The Barre Code Plano modifies workouts for Plano pregnant mothers
Workouts modified for maternity clients

Scroll to the bottom to get your code for a FREE workout at The Barre Code Plano

What would you say your biggest accomplishment has been?

My biggest accomplishment is definitely the community we have built at TBC Plano. I often have to take a step back and just take it all in. It’s a wonderful feeling to be the place that women can go to feel safe, beautiful, strong, empowered, supported, and part of something bigger. We are honored to be named The Best Gym for Women in Plano by Plano Magazine for the last 2 years.

Best Women's workout in Plano at The Barre Code Plano
Friendships are formed here!

If you could tell people one thing about The Barre Code?

We are not your average fitness studio. Our community is one that will not only lead to proven results as you work towards your goals but is truly a place where women support one another. If you come to The Barre Code, you will not want to leave!

Visit Julie and her team at:

The Barre Code Plano

4757 W Park Blvd, Plano, TX 75093



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  1. Your work is really lovely. I love how perfectly you capture newborns and your maternity photos are sublime! How long have you been a photographer in Plano?

    1. I have been a Plano newborn photographer for about 3 years now. Love working with expectant mamas and their sweet babies.

  2. This is amazing for women expecting in Plano!! And what a fun take on being an maternity photographer, getting these women in real moments. I love it!

  3. What a wonderful opportunity for Plano expecting mothers. And I love all the maternity shots you got, another great post from the best Plano Maternity photographer!

  4. I love this idea for all of your Plano maternity clients!! A barre workout is amazing!! You are such a talented photographer!!

  5. I love all the content on your blog, so informative. I am so glad I booked you as my maternity photographer in Plano.

  6. This is so informative. I love how you help mothers even before their newborn is born. Dallas is so lucky to have a photographer as caring as you.

  7. You are so much more than just a Dallas photographer. You share such amazing maternity events and ideas with your clients. I love it.

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