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Why Creative Shoots?

Sometimes I’ll get an idea that’s just a little too crazy for a client. Or maybe it’s even too big for me. In photography there are so many things to learn and ways you can work around an idea. A photo session can be as creative as you make it. And Dallas Ft. Worth offers so many opportunities for locations and resources that the sky is the limit.

I like to plan creative shoots with models when I have a concept in mind that I want to try out before offering it to clients. Or it’s just a dream that I’ve had in my mind and I feel compelled to create that vision. I will occasionally hold model calls for a newborn photography shoot or maternity photography and at time for other types of models like seniors or even families. When I want to try out a new lighting technique or a set idea sometimes it’s ok to think on my feet with a client – but I’ll often give it a try in practice first. Here are some examples of work that has developed out of creative shoots. Either they are a creative model call, or I directly used a concept from a creative shoot in client work.

I love offering full creative sessions to clients as Dream Shoots. This is where they get to become part of a full artistic planning shoot from concept to creation. Every client gets input on their photography session planning. But Dream Shoots take it to the next level.

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  1. These maternity portraits are never too crazy, they are beautiful. I am so glad I have found during my search for a maternity photographer in the Dallas area. I would love to work with you and get the creative juices out of you! I will call you right now.

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