The Top 5 Reasons you should get Professional Hair and Makeup for your Pictures

1. Getting your hair and makeup done for your professional portrait session puts you into the right mindset of self-care and self-confidence. Remember the last time you went to the spa and took a day for yourself? How did that make you feel? Did you leave feeling like you could take on the world? Relaxed and carefree? That’s the feeling you should have when you step in front of a camera. You should feel like it’s a great day for all eyes to be on you. You’re the star of the show and you should be treated that way!

Remember that having your portraits made is a celebration of you and an opportunity to tell your story. We are here to make you look and feel your absolute best. Hair and makeup is a great start to this special occasion!

2.  Get it right in camera! This is the number one mantra of professional photographers everywhere. If you nail the portrait when you click the shutter all the better it will be when finished. With the help of professional hair and makeup artists, our photographic art is elevated. When your hair and makeup looks great in camera, combined with great lighting and posing, it’s an artistic collaboration that can’t be beat. We always have the option to touch things up in photoshop but it’s almost always better if we can get the portrait right from the outset.

confidence is beautiful

3. Learn something new. For myself getting my hair and makeup done is an opportunity to learn something new from the pros every time. When our team of hair and makeup artists work in the studio I always pick up new tips and tricks for my own hair and makeup at home. My skincare routine is elevated, I learned how to make my makeup look subtle or more glam depending on what I’d like to achieve. Take this opportunity to ask questions and get suggestions about techniques and products you might not know about. I learned about my new favorite foundation from one of our makeup artists. Il Makiage is truly as good as they say it is. It’s so much fun to learn from the best!

Professional Hair and Makeup Helps to Tell Your Story

4. The right hair and makeup sets the tone for your portraits. Whether you’re getting headshots, boudoir, maternity or family portraits your hair and makeup should match the occasion. Professional hair and makeup helps to tell your story. Each style sets a different tone.

We include pro hair and makeup in all of our sessions. Learn more about what we include by visiting our portrait pages.

elevate your natural beauty

5. Not all makeup is created equal! Professional hair and makeup artists finish your look with photoshoot makeup which is different than everyday makeup. For portraits, you don’t want your face to reflect too much light. The wrong kind of makeup can light you up so that you’re glowing – and not in a good way. We are aiming for a soft, natural glow so that your face reflects the right amount of shine. 

We have partnered with a number of fabulous hair and makeup artists in the area. These professionals are trained to work with all hair and skin types. They can create any type of look we request. They work to enhance your natural beauty. You are in good hands!

So basically, getting your hair and makeup professionally done is an important component of a fabulous photography session. When you look great, you feel great, and that feeling of greatness sets off your inner beauty like nothing else. Confidence is beautiful!

Schedule a consultation with Mod L Photography to learn more about our portrait sessions.

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15 Responses

  1. I so agree with this. If you are going to get a portrait done- something that you would keep for a lifetime- better get hair and makeup done, we can’t rely solely on pic. retouch.

  2. Wow, these pictures are amazing and so beautiful! I agree with getting hair and makeup done for your professional photography session.

  3. A bunch of beautiful ladies! 🥰 I can totally see how getting professional hair and makeup can get you in the right mindset of self-care and self-confidence. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow – beautiful pictures! And you can really see the before and after pictures really show the value in adding professional makeup. Such a big difference!

  5. These pictures are beautiful, the ladies look great! And this was really helpful, this made me intrigued to start a hair and makeup routine. Thank you!

  6. Love when you said, getting your portrait taken is a “celebration of you and an opportunity to tell your story”. So true and getting hair and makeup done can give such a boost of confidence. Beautiful before and after! Thank you for sharing, great idea!

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