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Why should you meet with your newborn photographer in person?

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What do pediatrician’s and newborn photographers have in common?

When we were expecting our first child the best piece of advice we got was to meet with our pediatrician in person first. Even though we researched the best Pediatricians in Dallas and found one at the top of the list we still wanted to make sure we liked him in person. Luckily we did like him and we didn’t need to shop around. And we still like him – in fact we’ve referred several of our friends to his practice.

Meeting your newborn photographer in person

So you’ve done your research on finding the best newborn photographer for you the next step should be to meet them in person. There are a few reasons for this.

  1. One great idea is to schedule a maternity photography session to get to know your newborn photographer well.
  2. Get to know this person who will hold your baby and photograph them.
  3. Ask them about the precautions they take to make sure the newborn photography session is safe.
  4. Check out all of their props and outfits to see what you’d like to incorporate into your newborn photography session.
  5. See what products they offer.

newborn photographer, best newborn photographer dallas, dallas newborn photography

1. Get to know your newborn photographer

Beyond visiting your newborn photographers website you should meet them in person to see if you like their demeanor. Especially if this is your first baby you may have a hard time allowing a perfect stranger to hold your infant. It’s a lot easier to cancel a session 2 months in advance than the day of when you’re all dressed up and ready to go.

2. Ask them about precautions and safety

Newborn photography can be dangerous if done incorrectly. Many poses you see that are super cute have to be done in a certain way and may involve the photographer knitting them together from 2-4 images into one to make sure the baby is safe. Other things like positioning, moving with baby, airway restriction, and over heating can be concerns. Please make sure you ask your photographer questions about their training with newborn photography safety.

3. Check out their props and outfits

This is an awesome time to sit down and plan out how your newborn photography session will look and feel. The best newborn photographers have a collection of beautiful newborn props, wraps, tiebacks, bonnets, furs, you name it. How is your artwork going to look in your home? Will it mesh with your surrounding or the nursery? An in-person consultation will help with all of these questions.

newborn photographer, best newborn photographer dallas, dallas newborn photography

4. See what products they offer

The final step after your session will be when you order artwork for your home. It’s helpful to take a look and start the planning process before the session even begins. At Mod L Photography we offer a variety of curated products to showcase your portraits beautifully in your home.

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  1. VERY informative read! These are all really important reasons to meet with the newborn photographer you choose! Your clients in Dallas are lucky to have such a great photographer.

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