How to Choose the Best Newborn Photographer for You

Where to start the search for your newborn photographer?

This will be a series of blog posts. Read the next blog post about Meeting in-person with your newborn photographer ahead of time.

There are many ways you can research the best newborn photographer for you. You can start with a google search. You could also put in terms like Best Newborn Photographer, Newborn photographer Dallas, Dallas baby photographer or even Dallas newborn photographer. Still others turn to their network of friends and ask about their experiences with newborn photography. Word of mouth is probably one of the best ways to find someone who will suit you. You can also read online reviews and check the photographer’s presence to see how established they are. Do they have an active Facebook page? What about Instagram?

When should I contact a newborn photographer?

Now you’ve done your research and you’re all set to start contacting newborn photographers. Ideally you should do this a few months ahead of time. Most newborn photographers who are established will be booked months in advance. This isn’t always the case but when you schedule ahead of time you are assured you your best time frame. Newborn photographers give a window for your session because they know baby comes when they want to and not on a schedule.

Who will meet with me in person and why is that important?

When you speak with your list of newborn photographers the next best step is to see who will meet with you in person. This is someone who you will work with at a tender, emotional time and who will handle your most precious cargo. Make sure you feel comfortable with them in person and have a chance to build a relationship ahead of time. You will also have an opportunity to check out props and newborn outfits they might have. Look here to find out more about my newborn photography booking process.

I can’t wait for the next post which will delve deeper into why meeting with your newborn photographer ahead of time is a great idea. Check out my Newborn Photography here.

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