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2019 Texas Wildflower Season Could Be Record Breaker – North Texas Dallas Family Photographer

2019 Could be a banner year for Wildflowers in Texas

Experts are saying that due to rainfall in October and the average temperature this year, we could be looking at an amazing year for wildflowers. What does that mean for me and for my photography clients? You guessed it. Amazingly beautiful pictures in the wildflowers! This is hands down my favorite time to get outside for sessions. The weather is beautiful and the scenery is unmatched. It’s definitely time to start thinking about booking your wildflower pictures and bluebonnet pictures.

In parts of North Texas, Dallas and Richardson in particular, we have wildflower planting programs. Of course, there is the ever-present bluebonnet. But we also have incredible waist-high wildflowers in certain areas of town.

Family pictured in portrait session during wildflower season in North Texas Richardson City Park

When should you take wildflower pictures?

Wildflower pictures should be scheduled well in advance to take advantage of their short growing season. Clients have already contacted me to schedule their family, maternity, and individual portraits in the wildflowers this season. Weekend dates are very popular and fill up quickly. Because we aren’t sure exactly when the season will start or when it will end it’s always good to plan ahead. That way we have ample opportunity to reschedule due to bad weather or move the session up if we see that the flowers are starting to fade.

Dallas mommy and me photography

But we take family pictures in the Fall

Who says family portraits have to happen in the Fall? Or any pictures for that matter. Our wildflowers are unique to Dallas. We don’t get a lot of Fall foliage. Why not take advantage of something special to our area?

Another advantage? Get holiday cards out of the way well in advance. One less thing to worry about when you’re running around Christmas shopping.

When will the wildflowers bloom?

Typically bluebonnets and wildflowers reach their peak between March and the end of May. It all depends on rainfall, temperature, and whether they have been disturbed by livestock grazing or mowing. We should start to see their little blooms popping up anytime now.

Check out these great resources for more information on Texas Wildflower Season in 2019! Don’t forget to contact Laura to book your session now!

Texas Wildflower Central

Call Laura now at 214–460-6992 to book your wildflower session!

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  1. I am jealous. I can’t wait to see all the beautiful photos taken in the wildflowers. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. What incredible information for your clients! These baby photos are stunning and you are a wonderful Dallas photographer!

  3. Oh what a gorgeous spread!! You are my favorite Dallas baby photographer. Thanks for the steady stream of inspiration <3

  4. Wow this looks like it would be such an awesome session for someone wanting maternity photos. I hope all the Dallas families come out for these awesome photos!!!

  5. I have family in Plano! Your photography of newborns, maternity, and children is breathtaking and I’m definitely forwarding your work to them!

  6. OH MY GOSH Dallas has the best backdrop for you as a newborn photographer! I can just see it now; all those flowers and in the center of it all a beautiful new baby. HEART EYES.

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