Dallas Maternity Photographer

Trends in Maternity Photography

Maternity Photography Trends

Maternity photography has taken off like never before. Gone are the days of the pregnant woman in a mu mu. Now we get amazing clothes (frankly I miss my maternity wardrobe) and amazing pictures. The field of maternity photography has taken off. When you search for a maternity photographer you may want to consider their newborn photography too. This way you will be able to work with your photographer all the way through to your family photography sessions. You may want to see if they offer a baby photography plan through the first year to year and a half of your baby’s life.

You can read a series of blog posts I wrote about selecting the best newborn photographer for you here. At Mod L Photography I have designed a great baby plan that will see you through the first milestones of your child’s life and beyond.

Milk Bath Maternity Photography

One of the hottest trends today is Milk Bath Maternity Photography. There is something powerful and ethereal about a beautiful pregnant mother suspended in a sea of white usually with flowers all around. Milk baths are one of my favorite things to photograph!

Dallas Maternity Photography

Dallas Maternity Photographer

Sheer Gowns

Sheer gowns are another trend that it here to stay. Often provided by the photographer sheer gowns show off the most important feature of a maternity session – the belly. I have an extensive wardrobe of maternity gowns ready for my clients to select for their session. I love the pre-consultation where we get to choose wardrobe. It’s seriously super fun!

Dallas Maternity Photography

Dallas Maternity Photographer

What Do You Dream of For Your Maternity Session?

The sky is the limit for your maternity photography session. I am always looking for ways to expand my creativity. If you have an idea or a dream, or something significant in your life let’s make it happen. Maternity photography is beautiful, pregnancy is beautiful – let’s celebrate it.


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7 Responses

  1. I really enjoyed looking at all of your beautiful maternity portraits! The mamas in all of those dresses are gorgeous!

  2. Wow what a beautiful blog! I love milk bath sessions and yours are perfect! You are my favorite dallas Maternity Photographer! Would love to work with you someday!

  3. I absolutely love your style of photography! I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant and looking to take maternity pictures. I would love additional information along with pricing!

  4. I have been dying for a milk bath photoshoot, I’m currently 26weeks pregnant..
    I’d like your price list and details on how to work with you.

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