Dallas newborn and maternity photographer Laura Levitan of Mod L Photography posing in wildflower field

Why would a newborn photographer write about that?

Why would a newborn photographer write about that?

You might wonder why I, a newborn photographer, would be interested in the blog series I am about to publish. In the coming weeks I will be posting a series of interviews with a hand picked group of business leaders in our Dallas community. But still, the why. First of all I am a mom. I have four children – over the past 10 years of mothering I have accumulated a lot of information about parenting. Some of it random, some of it extremely valuable. Secondly, I have a background in the field of health. I am a board certified speech-language pathologist and I have a degree in psychology. As an SLP I helped my clients tell their stories and improve their communication. I have returned to my first love of photography and now I help my clients to tell their stories visually and preserve them on their walls.

Dallas newborn and maternity photographer Laura Levitan of Mod L Photography posing in wildflower field

Who will be featured?

But I digress. Why as a newborn photographer am I writing about Doulas, birth centers, postpartum depression, babysitting, sleep counselors, pediatric dentists, a fertility acupuncturist, a prenatal chiropractor, etc.? Well I’ll tell you why. When I meet with my clients I develop strong relationships with them. They tell me stories of their pregnancies, their struggles to get pregnant, and birth stories. When they bring their precious babies to me they might ask me as a mother about breastfeeding, and sleep (or lack thereof). I have had mamas ask me about tongue ties because of my background in speech-language pathology. And about nursing because I have nursed four sweet babies for two years each or more. And after all this time I thought to myself – wouldn’t it be nice if I had a place to send my families to read about resources in our own community. Birth resources, and resources for young families in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

What is the purpose?

So I set out on a mission to find people (because that’s what businesses are – just people) who I connect with. People I would feel comfortable telling my clients about. And here’s the really cool thing – maybe you’ve found my blog and you aren’t my client. But maybe, just maybe, you’ll read something here that will be an amazing resource to you. And if I can help one mom or dad to find what they’re looking for and make their lives easier, this will all be worthwhile. I want to be here for my clients not just as a photographer but as a friend and a source of information whenever possible.

I love photography. It’s my absolute favorite thing right after my family. And the most special thing about it is the connections I get to make with my clients, who I hope will become my friends, and the other great businesses trying to achieve that very same thing right here in Dallas. This stuff is just interesting to me and I want to share!



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