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Headshots and Branding - What you can do to stand out!

Local hair and makeup artist pictured in headshots and branding photoshoot with her makeup brushes

1. What story do your headshots and branding tell?

Take into account what your business personality is. If you are a venture capitalist and want to project a strong, confident image you’ll want to reflect that with cool, dark colors. Maybe a studio session with controlled light. A smile here and there won’t be bad, but you’ll want to project seriousness as well. If you are a service professional offering hair and makeup you might want to project a lighter, bubbly image to tell your clients that working with you will be fun. Your headshots and branding should let a client or colleague know right off the bat what type of experience they should expect.

2. What location should you use for headshots and branding?

The location you choose says a lot about who you are. A standard studio session is great for many professionals when your headshots simply need to convey professionalism. But when you are a business owner or are trying to market yourself for a particular position you may want to go with a location or a studio set that helps to brand who you are. 

Are you a chef? Perhaps you should have a branding session on location with the tools of your trade prominently displayed. Are you a realtor? Maybe choose a local hotspot to have your portraits done to sell the lifestyle you are promoting. We’ve all seen the realtors posing beside a premium piece of real estate. But what about places in and around the neighborhood? Finding a creative location can be a way to stand out in a sea of other faces.

North Dallas realtor headshots and branding session
Local Dallas Realtor - Chad Hooker pictured at Hillcrest Village in Far North Dallas

3. Don't be afraid to show some emotion!

More and more people want to know the personality of the professionals that they hire. A great headshot can really sell your brand. If you are lots of fun to be around and have a great sense of humor you should show it with a big smile and maybe a laughing pose. If you want to present a powerful image adopt a serious face. Make sure to have a clear idea of the story behind your brand before you get your headshots done. A good photographer will snap a picture. A great photographer will help you to tell your story with emotion.

Local sleep consultant headshots and branding
Mary Cantwell owner of Rest to Your Nest - Dallas' top sleep consultant

4. Do you look the part?

Your headshots show potential clients and employers what they can expect from you. Even if you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, a headshot can demonstrate whether a person takes pride in their appearance and themself. The right wardrobe selection along with professional hair and makeup is key in constructing a positive image. If you don’t care why should they? At Mod L Photography we provide you with a closet consultation and professional hair and makeup to make sure you put your best foot forward.

Headshot photography in dallas texas offered for women in business portrait of female executive with chin in hand smiling

5. Consider where you will use these headshots.

Where do you plan to share these headshots and branding portraits?  Make sure your photographer provides you with properly sized and cropped images for all of your social media platforms and websites. A little known fact is that social media platforms and websites require specially sized images to avoid grainy and blurry pictures. Bigger isn’t better in this case! Make sure to ask your photographer if they provide you with the proper sizing for each platform. 

Dallas hair and makeup artist branding headshot

6. Now that you've got them, use them!

The most important thing is to update your headshots in all the important places. Make a list:

All social media platforms

Email footer


Business Cards

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7 Responses

  1. I think this is an area where professionals and entrepreneurs might be overlooking. Headshots play a key role in branding and help build that first impression with the potential employer or client.

  2. Great ideas to make the most of branding with headshots. Image is such an important part of business and headshots certainly play a great role. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I always knew headshots are important for growing a business. People buy from people. Great ideas of where to use headshots like in email footers, on a website, or on business cards. Great ideas!

  4. SO helpful that you included photo examples with your points! I appreciate reading all of your tips. Love the idea of showing emotion, I never considered it but when applying to more serious roles, a more serious headshot would make the most sense!

  5. What awesome suggestions! It’s true headshots can be powerful tools, thank you for these tips and reflection. An important reflection to take before taking pictures and sharing with your brand.

  6. Great information, location is an important thing and we need to take time to learn everything about locations before we decide. It will help people in Dallas. Thank you for sharing!

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