Identical Twins had babies one day apart

Identical Twins had Babies One Day Apart

Identical twins had babies one day apart pictured here holding their babies photographed by Laura Levitan of Mod L Photography a Dallas studio

Last week I posted a blog about my maternity clients who happened to be identical twin sisters pregnant at the same time. Originally they were due to deliver two weeks apart. Unfortunately one of the twins fell at her baby shower and broker her leg terribly. The baby was totally ok but sadly she had to undergo surgery to fix the break and was not able to walk. She thinks this is why her body decided to go into labor a bit early. This is why these identical twins had babies one day apart!

One baby was a boy, one was a girl and both were healthy and happy. Did you know that because the moms are identical these kiddos are genetically half siblings? So cool!

How to pose two babies during a newborn session

  • Have patience! Everything will take longer posing two babies.
  • Plan ahead. When posing two babies it’s important to have a cohesive theme.
  • Allow extra time. Posing two babies will likely take twice the interruptions. So make sure you have extra time planned in your session.
  • Have extra wraps and backdrops available in case they get soiled.

How to pose parents during a double newborn session

Because one of the mamas had broken her leg and was still recovering, we had to get creative with posing for parent portraits. Not to mention that I had four parents to pose instead of just two!

I wanted to capture these identical twin sisters with their babies to commemorate this incredible experience. But I also wanted each of them to have these memories with their husbands and new babies.

I used traditional posing and just added on another person here or there as needed. We had fun with it and I asked for their input as well. 

How to pose babies separately?

Even though these babies were brought in together, it was important to get pictures of them separately. They each deserved their own time to shine. And can you believe, they were both so settled and easy to work with! I wish all twin newborn sessions were like this!

These identical twins had babies one day apart and it was such an honor to photograph their maternity and newborn sessions. I loved working with these ladies and their families. What a special and once in a lifetime photography session. I know I will always remember this experience!

Check out this behind the scenes footage from the babies' newborn photography session!

@modlphotography Identical twin mamas came back for their combined newborn session! The babies are a boy and a girl and they were born 2 DAYS APART y’all. So crazy! #maternityphotographer #twinsisters #twincousins #identicaltwinmoms #identicaltwins #cousinswhoarealmosttwins #bestfriendforlife #bff #newbornphotographer #newbornbabies #twinnewbornphotography @Yvette Camacho @Yvonne Camacho @Intuition Backgrounds @AubreysFelties @Cesia Kite ♬ Beautiful - Soft boy
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19 Responses

  1. I’ve loved the photoshoot with the twins last time, so this was really lovely to see! I’m so sorry to hear about one mother’s broken leg though and hope she’s okay! I love that there are photos of the babis together and individually! Your photos are always absolutely perfect!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and look at my post about these two special babies! I can’t believe I got this opportunity. It was such a cool experience to photograph these babies whose moms are identical twins 🙂

  2. What a great post! I really enjoyed these pictures and video. I especially liked the behind the scenes video – really interesting to see.

  3. These are such beautiful shots. I’ve never thought about a double shoot like this before outside of actual twins. I think this was so adorable!

  4. I love the way you gave each of them their own spotlight in addition to the paired shots. They look adorable.

  5. What a wonderful story for these little cousins! I enjoyed seeing how you posed them and the behind the scenes photography video.

  6. What an incredible story of synchronicity and sisterly bonds! Your post about the identical twins who gave birth just one day apart is heartwarming and truly remarkable. It’s amazing to see how closely connected they are, not just genetically, but also in the timing of such a significant life event. Their journey is a beautiful testament to the special bond shared between twins. Thank you for sharing this heartening and uplifting story with your readers!

  7. Aww that is so sweet. I love that they are so close in age. I have nieces that are a few months apart and they are so close, but these babies share such a special bond.
    Your photos are so magical how they capture all that love.

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